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Practical and actionable strategies to help you achieve net zero carbon emissions and increase the value of your business.

Lead the way to a safe and sustainable future.  

The time for change.

The UK Government’s net zero carbon emissions law means that all businesses have an obligation to reduce their impact on the environment to zero by 2050. Yet it can be hard to know what action you need to take and when - particularly with misinformation being shared online.

Getting it right is vital. As well as avoiding future carbon tax or seeing your competitors gain an advantage, achieving zero carbon emissions will open up new commercial opportunities and increase the value of your business.

Not only that but the sooner you start your journey to becoming net zero carbon, the sooner you can play your part in creating a safe and sustainable future for this generation and all those that follow.

Map and implement the right steps.

We're here to help you get it right.

“The route to becoming Net Zero Carbon (NZC) is a significant challenge for all businesses and Softcat is taking the matter seriously. The Softcat team are working with Dr Finnegan to develop a plan and strategy that will enable them to consider and mitigate their own footprint and that of others in their entire supply chain.  This should be commended as when the strategy is implemented, Softcat will be market leaders in this space”

Al Wynn
Operations Director at Softcat

“N2S are working in partnership with Arete Zero Carbon and Dr Stephen Finnegan to deliver Net Zero Carbon plans and strategies to numerous IT related clients. Their approach to delivering a strategy and plan is market leading and it’s a real pleasure to work with Dr Finnegan and his team. So much so, we have committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon and we will commission Arete Zero Carbon to deliver this”

Andrew Gomarsall MBE
Chairman of Network 2 Supplies

“For decades now I have been championing energy management in UK business through the House of Lords. We have reached a new turning point and Net Zero Carbon (NZC) will lead the way in transforming all UK business. Steve and I recently delivered a NZC strategic vision day with the senior management of a major UK construction company. Steve was instrumental in demystifying the complexity of assessing the supply chain carbon impact of their business; which will now enabled them to move forward with a plan to becoming NZC”

Lord Rupert Redesdale
Member of the House of Lords

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Playmaker Studio
Art Director

"I worked with Simon on the Moneypenny equity investment deal and he delivered a fantastic result for us. Simon had clearly built an outstanding team and their work ethic, thoroughness and commerciality were instrumental in delivering a great transaction for the company and its stakeholders. Perhaps the greatest achievement was that Simon and his team turned what can be a stressful process into an extremely enjoyable one."

Ed Reeves
Director and Founder of Moneypenny

"Mike and Ben have been a huge part of Peak’s success since leading our seed investment round. They live in the real world and have always given us practical guidance and support whenever we need it. They have a real passion for seeing Peak grow and I’ve always felt they would run through walls for us. It’s great having them in our corner and part of our team."

Richard Potter
CEO of Peak

"I worked with Simon on three investment deals over the best part of a decade before the ultimate exit to trade for £125m. I found his combination of drive, resilience and commerciality to be invaluable during that whole period not just the deal processes."

Gary Jacobson
former CEO of Bifold Fluidpower

"In our exploration of a new venture into the market, Matt was the first person I turned to. He has built a relationship with me over the years since our first exit and it was an easy decision to work with Matt again. Matt is knowledgeable and very well connected in the market which has provided us with valuable insight. He provides strong advice even if he doesn’t always agree with us. Matt understood our strategy and provided challenge and support on technical and commercial matters."

John Fitzpatrick
CEO of Synergy Hire

"I have worked with Ben and Mike for the past few years and have been hugely thankful for their support in helping to establish We Influence as one of the leading digital marketing agencies within the North West. Their expertise in helping develop a successful strategy for the business has enabled us to fast-forward many of our growth plans, with the result that we have been able to achieve record revenues and profit each year since we partnered in 2017. It has been more than a partnership based on investment, though. I have been indebted to Ben and the team for the trust they have placed in We Influence and its team to deliver outstanding results for our clients and for the business. 2020 has obviously been a challenging year for us all, but they have always been on the end of a phone (or a zoom call) to offer advice and guidance when needed. Their knowledge of and interest in the digital sector has helped We Influence see things differently and more strategically to secure new opportunities for the business, even during this COVID-19 era. Arete will be great partners for We Influence as we plan for an exciting 2021 and continue to thrive."

Graham Withe
Managing Director of We Influence.

“Mike was the architect of the Inspired Energy IPO on AIM in late 2011 having identified the opportunity for a different type of challenger M&A based platform in our space. A Board member since float, Mike’s capital markets experience and deal structuring capability were instrumental in helping the company to execute the initial phase of its buy and build strategy and grow the market capitalisation to over c.£50m by 2016. Since becoming Non Executive Chairman of the company in 2016, Mike has successfully guided the company through its transition from owner founders to the integration of a professional leadership team with the resultant acceleration of the company’s growth to a market cap in excess of c. £150m, as well as its recent £30m capital raise against the backdrop of COVID. He is a trusted and valued mentor to the executive team."

Mark Dickinson
CEO of Inspired Energy

"Tactus has been working with Mike, Ben and David, individually and collectively, for a number of years. It’s obvious that they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in each of their sectors but the success of Arete is all about collaboration, partnership and a champion mindset. They also bring a simple approach to fundraising and speedy execution. The Arete team is now an extension of the senior team at Tactus and their honesty, courage and integrity is something we value deeply."

Scott Brenchley
CEO of Tactus Group

"Simon, Ben and the wider Arete team are an absolute breath of fresh air to work with. Real, transparent and hugely supportive. They provide you with the space to operate whilst adding value at every interaction. Their support from day one has been second to none and it goes way beyond the investment. They genuinely care about our business and absolutely buy into our social purpose. They care just as much about the social impact as they do the financial, meaning that as an executive team, we are aligned from top to bottom."

Russell Teale
MD at Vivify Venues

"Having worked with Mike Fletcher for seven years now, I can honestly say he is the most supportive, visionary investor a founder could wish for on what is a roller coaster journey for any business aiming for Unicorn status. Mike’s commercial experience together with unparalleled skill in fundraising has helped Sorted grow into one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK. His commitment to supporting the vision of a founder is unwavering as he devotes much of his own personal time as well to helping founders and management teams navigate the challenges of growth and to ensure they succeed. Ben Hatton has given Sorted vital support over the last two years in helping us formulate and execute on our Transformation programme to make the business repeatable, scalable and defensible on a global basis. Ben has worked alongside the management team and been a trusted advisor for our sales and marketing GTM strategy as well as being integral to helping us navigate the challenges of hiring top executive talent in a competitive market. Ben is always at the end of the phone to help you solve a problem."

David Grimes
CEO of Sorted

December 7, 2021

Press Release

Arete co-leads £30m investment deal in Sorted

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December 7, 2021

Press Release

Arete leads £3m investment into global customer analytics platform

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